What a Sunday!!!

It’s a beautiful Sunday!!! You think, I am mournful or cannot move on… Well, all I needed are answers and clarity for what really matters to me. In the morning, I am grateful despite of the misconception and incorrect judgement. Of course, I read the letter. However, with the lengthy words written and so many this and that… I was so dumb for not comprehending it. Anyway, hope to settle that fast because it’s for my family since I care and I am worth having—


I spent the afternoon with my girls. Teaching on a rainy day. I just wanted to hit the bed and sleep. Yet, I knew my girls will be waiting and expected to learn from me. I had lessons with them and forgot about the time. I rushed in order not to miss the 5.30 pm mass. Hence, I decided to take a cab. The cab driver told me that it was really good of me to volunteer teaching them. He added that my kindness will be rewarded for I gave back to the society.

In my heart, I only wished that my goodness will be known and my skills do matter. I have mistakes but I am not totally bad and I am not evil. I may fail and I am not young but I still go back to school sacrificing my cash and time because I won’t stop dreaming. Not depending on others to aid me… I will stand strong and always be healthy. According to my boss, I should not be sick. Thus, with my food allergy all over my face and chest last Friday alarmed me. Therefore, next time I should be careful with the local cuisine served outside. Home cooking is indeed safe!!! In addition, age is never a hindrance to my goals. This time I am as determined and cheerful as always.


When I reached my place, my friend had a long face. I checked with her what should be done to cheer her up!!! She said ‘pizza!’ And pizza here we come!!!

Oops, the day is not over. I am giving myself two hours to come up with three bookmark designs for my superior tomorrow. I can do this!!!

NO matter how tough… I won’t GIVE UP!!!


Xoxo GOOD NYT!!! Xoxo u know I luv u more… A blessed Sunday and return to your old self… Go on fighting!!!


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