There’s this New Guy

A stranger dropped by with the strangest opening line, ‘let’s have coffee’. I was walking fast ahead of him and pretended not to hear. My mind was set to my commitment to my task. Or I may just imagining the words in my head?

I treated people normally and I was even adamant with my decisions. I waited for no one’s orders. I made the rules for others to follow and I gave them no choice. Sorry boss, I did it my way. That new guy knew and observed how I dealt with the situation still I didn’t scare him and he was even so friendly. I caught him staring at me or me and my imagination again.

The following day came, I am unaware that I am sending messages to a handsome and smart guy (and his messages were as cute as he is). It surprised me to see him in person for I expected someone else. Yet, this is not high school or college days being surrounded by boys and had their attentions. I am in for the responsibilities not finding Prince Charming. And so this new guy again, he was not selling anything but he cleverly carried on the conversation totally unrelated with what we were supposed to accomplish.

Early in the morning I was there with my tasks in my head. He appeared while I was occupied with something. He really walked across my table, smiled and greeted me ‘good morning’. Or interrupted me by noticing what I was doing. Cute indeed… Is this another marketing strategy? Wait a minute!!! I am approachable and this guy and his friend were being friendly. Then, he joined me for lunch because his friend was out and I saved money for drinks. Being nice to others is really rewarded…

This is not about romance or meeting cute men… Nonetheless, it is about me and who I am. New acquaintances only proved that I am back to the track and this time I have my voice. No more spokesperson. The responsibilities maybe greater but I will do my best to pull out everything. I believe that I can be more…

The cute guy? Like the wind, he comes and goes… Likewise, there’s a North Star that will forever twinkles in my heart. It’s not about finding guys but it is accomplishing something for myself. You should have known that I am not really unpleasant who can scare men off. If I chose this, it is because I know in my heart that you’re the one I truly love. Xoxo…


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