Welcome to My New Family

Finally, I am saying goodbye to those people whom I looked up, respected and felt at home. I am bidding farewell to the kids I used to love and welcome the new ones.
I have found a place after the long duration of hibernation. I wanted to share this moment the joy of my heart to be welcomed into a new place regardless of race, language or religion.



According to my boss, designing and lay outing this newsletter is my major task. I don’t have the version that I wanted. There was no Kuler to follow for the color scheme and the drop cap is difficult to wrap with the text. No placeholders but working in layers, it was indeed tough. I felt that I failed everyone’s expectation. Then, when the newsletter was printed my boss mentioned that my superior liked my design. I’m happy and when I attended the mass for the ascension this evening, I thanked God for all my gifts. Not all people appreciate my skills. For others my gifts are nuisance and worthless. But for my new family it is what made me significant and worthy for their warmth welcome.

Today is really a busy day. I went up and down with my wedge, I guess ten times. Then, a colleague complimented my effort with a bar of chocolate. During lunch, an outsider bought me a drink. The young man was indeed grateful because I treated him and his colleague very well despite of their failure to meet our expectations. Maybe, because I talked a lot. But I was not complaining, nagging or being bossy.

Well, I have found a new place. Thanks to you. Thank you very much. You should have known. I am so sorry.

Xoxo… good night… So tired after the 9pm mass. I am hitting the bed after this… No time to proofread… Xoxo luv I always and more…. Sweet dreams…

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