Happy Thursday


Last night was heavy drama. The real culprit unmasked. My father was right, the evil witch’s heart existed surrounding us.
So cunning and manipulative, she poisoned our minds to turn against each other. She’s ambitious and selfish, and cleverly she used her gift of gab to deceive everyone. If the one she truly loved chose another because she couldn’t depart from the darkness where she resided.

It didn’t rain when I was in the bus yesterday afternoon. Likewise, my eyes were wet with fears and helplessness. ‘Am I heard?’ You should have given me away long time ago. Then, I closed my eyes and exclaimed convincing myself ‘You are there and You can hear me!’

Today, I will smile for my heart is filled with love. It’s Thursday!!! I love you… more and more and more…. I love you… Good morning!!!! Happy Thursday!!!


Images via Tumblr.com


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