Trying Hard to Learn

Most of the time, I bring home cooked meals to my working place. Thus, late at night, I really tried hard to prepare my dish. Yet, there are times, my friend put aside something she cooked for me. At this point, I hope I got my favorite pumpkin dish right…


Well, there are so many advantages of being alone despite the coldness of the wind. In my loneliness, I accomplished a lot and discovered new things. As I move forward, I met new friends and learned so many things from them. So many people are kind to me even if I am a stranger and a foreigner. After the mass, an elderly church lady approached and invited me to join one of the ministries in the church. I am interested but time is not on my side. This old lady was the one who used to give 4 pieces of Riccola candy when she saw me weeping while praying on my knees.

In life, I learned the hard way and the journey is rough but I am not giving up easily. Then, in the process, I valued and loved myself even more… And feel comfortable and confident of my own skin… 😉

Lol… Don’t think anyhow… That’s not me… Some random girl online…

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