Dreaming of You


In the strangest place
Most unusual situation
The flame burning so high
Igniting the heat of our souls
No escape in our labyrinth
I had you, and you got me
Will it happen in waking hours?
If not, send me to bed forever!!!
Sweet kisses flying in my head
Your voice is music to my ears
I won’t stop dreaming of you
For in my heart, you won’t fade
You won’t grow old and decay
Always the handsomest and hottest
Dreaming of you is all I have
Who knows… These dreams, maybe…
Soon, someday, somewhere…
What do I know with life’s mystery?
I just love dreaming of you all the time 😉

There’s always hope to the living for we survive for so many reasons. Xoxo… Good night… Xoxo. I will dream of you, all over and over again… The funnier the better…. Luv yah d best!!! Mwaaaaahhhhh…



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