I’m one Happy SG (super-girl)

I used to be GS as in a Girl Scout carrying the motto ‘always prepared’. Nonetheless, with the uphill and downhill of my life I became the super hero of my creation. Hey, I am a SG, a super girl who is brave and strong with a big grin like Mickey Mouse!!!

Wait a minute. This super-girl could feel physical pain. I sent a message to my boss that I would be late!!! I needed to hit the bed and rest. I am alright, I just needed to relax my abdomen. Then, when I am at work… I did it all and I used my brain powers to resolve what needed to be done. Well, nothing was easy!!! Yet, why should I sent an email to the doppleganger when I couldn’t reach the real one? Why people have to look similar when they’re not blood relatives? Gosh, why the heck I am constantly reminded and pushed to give it another try? Yeah, maybe… this super-girl needed some help too. I can do so many things but money-related jargons are not my thing…

Did I cry at the adoration chapel? I did… So, superheroes have tears too. However, after that I prayed and prayed… Then, a vision flashed and my heart was uplifted…. As I walked home, the weight in my heart became lighter.

I am unreasonably and unbelievably happy. Perhaps, the good thing with all of these was I became closer to the Almighty and my faith is strengthened with my tears.

I am supposed to write a story but that can wait…



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