His Doppleganger


The resemblance and gestures
Two different young souls
Are they long lost brothers?
How this stranger reminds
Someone unique in my heart?

Ancient folklore says bad omen
God forbids illness and danger!
A fruit cut into half, look-alike
The trick my eyes can only see
My beloved, it feels like you’re near!!!

The place that brought me refuge
Never missed the coincidences
Bringing to me all his reminders
Now, tell me that it’s easy to forget?
What do you expect that I will feel?


The yearbooks and photographs
The tour in all classrooms and halls
Then, my Lord, why a doppleganger?
No complains, I just miss him so much!!!
I do love him still although we’re apart!!!!

Good night. Luv u more… Miss u… Miss u… U hav knw idea how I wanted to hear from u… Luv u always…
Xoxo… Good night… Be sure to sleep well. I’ll see u n my dreams.


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