When Venus Wants to Quit

Men and women are from different planets.  Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  These two species have different personalities and they will always clash.  Don’t surprise yourself if there’s always a war between them.  Likewise, they landed on earth and learned to open up.  In this planet, they found connection with one another and took the challenge love has to offer.

For someone from Venus, change is a process.  It can’t happen just like a snap or do it overnight.  It takes some time to leave the safe place in that beautiful red planet.  It’s not even easy to care what Martian feels.  What the hell with them?  Let them rot where they belonged.  Who wants to listen to any Martian they’re all nonsense creatures?  Yet, if you’re from Venus, there’s a Martian created for you to overpower your heart. 

Oh, I know you feel like quitting right now!  You wish to go away.  No one is stopping you but you can’t utter goodbye because the journey back home is lonely in the absence of the memory of a Martian.  Do you wish to quit when you know that you already loved and it is the best feeling you ever had?   Will you really go when you know this will only happen once in a lifetime? 

How you hate all those Martians?  How you despised their guts?  Likewise, fate and love work beyond your control.  The mysteries on Earth unsolved like this feeling undefined.  Admit and face it, you need one and you just can’t help loving him more.

Why are you still sticking around when you’re furious?  Oops, you can’t enumerate the reasons for love knows no reason and it has no boundaries.  Embrace your destiny and just go on loving your Martian for his smile is the sun that shines into your life.

Give yourself a chance to enjoy life and love’s adventures.  When you’ll age, remember this tale, a story unknown to everyone.


The irony is I am not the one quitting

…. I feel like going back to my little pathetic world

…. I feel like breaking my promise but I don’t give up that easily

A brave girl like me will never surrender and I won’t leave a friend behind

Specially a friend whom I love so much

I love you more and more and more

Good night!


This is crazy…

Published on: Nov 8, 2012 @ 23:02


However, someone will unable to bear the burden and walk out from that door. The dream of perfect scheme to have at hand love and ambition are over. After all, it was doomed to end even from the beginning. You’re only a disappointment and a shame to those people who trusted you the most. No matter how you curse and wish for others failure, you can’t take away something others deserved. You’re nothing but a child filled with inferiorities and insecurities. Those people surrounding you are actually disgusted with you and felt humiliated for your absurdities. You’ll be back to the space with everything you have now perished with your departure. You think you have your victory but the one whom loses actually is the winner. Look at you and goodbye, dear Venus. Someone whom I am not acquainted yet the sole creation who despised me above all. You can never be greater for you can never be as brave. Face reality and learn to grow up!!! There’s one Martian who’ll let go and everything will disappear with you. You’re gone but he lives here forevermore…

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