Retracing Your Footsteps

On sale, a set of pair
Blue high heels for me
Cheap but cute and nice
Catwalk on my runway
Who knows on that day
I am obliged to take a hike
Retracing your footsteps
My dearest, my only love!
In the rooms, I saw your youth
The pathways you crossed
The old halls remembered
Your laughter and sweet voice
I’m not exhausted on heels
Not blue but feeling you again
Will you be here once more?
Will you return? Find me here…
I love you everlastingly
It’s true and God agrees
You were part of the place
A home that welcomes me 😉

Site survey yesterday… So I have to go all the floors and rooms of the school with the engineers. Of course, I am able to carry on even wearing high heels. I just entertained my thoughts, imagining your transformation when you were here.
xoxo good night… Have a pleasant dream… I need you and it’s true… I need your help… Xoxo… I love u so… Good night, my baby!!!


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