Locked Up Again

It was a busy day. My boss rushed me to rearrange the room to prepare for the VIPs visit tomorrow. Fortunately, I am not so dressed up and not wearing heels. But, he reminded me to wear executive look the next day… We tidied up the place… No wonder he wanted me in, maybe it was because of my big arms. Haha. Then, I learned from my boss that during his school days he needed to clean as part time job to support his course. Hey, I did the same, lucky I was not doing cleaning…. Hence, all hard work paid off!!!

Here I am again. Being innocent and not using my head and easily carried away… What would I do? I am a total mess. I am totally upset and I was the last to go. When I went down, all doors were shut. I called for someone and heard the echo of my loud voice.

‘Hello!!!’ Not again… I am locked up!!! Same old story… I panicked, I had my phone I needed to call someone like how it used to be…

Then, I dialed my boss’ number in stead in the middle of my panicking mood… Cheer me up, I am locked up again…

PS it was still 6 pm :(. Wow, everybody left early… Sorry, Mama Mary that I am absent for the afternoon’s mass.



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