Why Roses Have Thorns? (The Story of the Rose Princess)


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named ‘The Rose Princess’. Besides her beauty, she possessed the amazing ability to heal any injury or illness. However, there was a greedy master who wanted that power all to himself. So, he captured the Rose Princess. Before long, the story had spread across the country, the story of this princess who could control the mysterious and whose eternal beauty shall brighten up to them even the moonlight.


Men came in great numbers, all wanted to propose marriage to her. So, her master decided to take her where no one could find her. He gave her whatever her heart desired except for FREEDOM.



Time passed and one day a man was able to make his way in to meet the princess. The man jumped over the many fences that encircled her, to get to her where she was being held. A single look and he fell in love with her. Even though he had come to kill her because she was disturbing the country’s peace with the stories about her.

Taking the princess, the man fled as faraway as he could. As she spent time with the man, the Rose Princess found that she had lost her special abilities but the man didn’t mind at all.

The Princess gave birth to a beautiful little girl. But that little girl always falling ill with fevers. But in her heart, the Princess became aware that she would be able to make a single wish in exchange of giving up her life.


The Rose Princess did not hesitate. She said to the man and her little girl, ‘I will turn back into an ordinary rose but my heart will belong to you through all eternity.”

It was then on that the roses we know grew thorns that could never be captured again. So, the roses’ thorns are proof of her love to the man and her little girl.

Transcribed (by gen) from the “The Story of Saiunkoku”, episode 29 “Every Moment Feels Like an Eternity”
“Ichijitsu Senshū no Omoi” (一日千秋の思い)


xoxo good morning 😉 my sweet, my love… My darling baby… I love u through eternity xoxo
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