I Have Sinned

Every time I wake up at the crack of dawn, I poured out the years. How great were my sins to feel this  way? Am I really an awful person to deserve such judgement? I didn’t pretend to be kind to impress and win people’s approval. I am, me… All the time… Not even once, I pretended to be someone else… I don’t use people for my ambitions. I worked hard to deserve where I am. Are my goodness easily deleted? How to ask forgiveness to let others know the sincerity of my heart.

EVERYDAY I am grateful to God for all my blessings and new friends I met. Yet, somewhere buried deep within is the hurt and the awful feeling how quickly for people to judge me of being terrible. I have sinned but God has forgiven me. Likewise, only God has mercy because human hearts sometimes are made of stone. Hopefully, they can feel how painful I needed to go through…. If only they knew what I had been through… I may not speak for myself but with my silent tears I lift my broken heart to God.

I know I am doing well and there’s nothing wrong with my skills. Not everyone can excel digitally… I maybe old but I have multiple skills that I developed through years of experience. Age doesn’t threaten me for as I grow older I acquired so many new lessons in life.

If only they feel in their hearts how badly this hurt… If only my words can reach the unreachable… If only my words will go beyond to the impossible… Although I am breaking every time, I must remain brave and strong.  Deep within I am fully aware that I am no ya bad person even if I sinned.   I will go on believing and not give up because I am alive.  As long as I live, there’s always hope and I know my dreams are real…. And those maybe the visions from God or the messages of my angel…

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