Let’s Bury the Hatchet


It’s me again chatting to the wind and pretending that you’re here smiling back at me.    I don’t really keep those old photos but probably I had forgotten that I slipped it among my documents.  Yeah, the innocent smiles of your youth.  A young naive mind unstained with the cruelty and falsehood of the world.  I apologized to the young teen for I might be so careless and hurt him badly.  I only wished he remembered my goodness not my faults.



Every morning when I wake up, I mourned and begged God to let me be… What’s the point with all of these? My superiors were amazed with my skills and the reactions surprised me as well because I presumed it was expected from me. My boss was concerned that I stayed back late and he went to my office to check on me. Indeed, I am one lucky girl to meet good people. I didn’t stress myself; on the other hand, I enjoyed what I was doing. My colleague was so concerned and thoughtful that she gave me a jug of homemade barley drink. Perhaps, I am not terrible after all because there are people who cared and valued my skills and goodness.

I left the office late. Thus, I didn’t make it on time for the mass. I prayed at the Blessed Mother’s grotto. Suddenly, there were elderly people throwing the flowers. In my mind, I said ‘what a waste? These bouquet of flowers are costly!’ One of the women probably heard my thoughts and offered me the flowers. I asked for the white orchids and I brought this while walking towards my place. Some people May wondered what rubbish I placed inside the black plastic bag. Well, it is the Blessed Virgin’s gift for me because I am a good and wonderful person. It’s her way of saying that she listens and loves me very much. Soon, my prayers will be answered… My greatest miracle and the ultimate desire of my heart.

Hey there, this is truly torturing me but thanks to my faith I am stronger. I dreamt of your shift of career, what an impossibility… The dream is not predictive, it’s all about the dreamer… Perhaps, a new adjustment for me… In my dreams, I see the reflection of my loneliness in your eyes. Will the time come that you’ll think it over and see the real person in me? The verdict was very harsh but I humbly shoulder everything for all the mistakes I made.

Hey there, I hope to see you not in dreams but see you in person… As I walked on the halls, I thought to myself that you used to step on those grounds. You were there before I have been to the place… Omigosh, you were there in the places where I had been to… Your ghost roaming in the halls, I smiled at my friend for he is there. Remember that I am not evil… Remember how willingly I shared what I had… Let’s bury the hatchet and finally you’ll listen…

I always write to the wind with the hope my texts will spread and reach your heart.

Xoxo… Luv u more… Most… The best!!! Xoxo, good nite, my baby, baby… Oh!!!


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