An Evening with MARY

No work today and it’s a holiday.  Thus, the mass will start earlier than usual.  I went early but there was no 5.30 pm mass due to the celebration of Mama Mary.  I waited until 7 pm to join the procession and recite the rosary for the Blessed Mother. I bought my last penny with a flower for Mama Mary and it was quite humiliating to donate only a dollar. For sure Mama Mary would understand that those were the last money in my wallet.


The mass ended late and I reached home around 10pm. Yet, I didn’t regret being there for the celebration in honor of Mama Mary because she moved me in many ways. I also lift the sorrow and suffering of my heart to her for she always gives me comfort and rest from all the torture and turmoil within.

In spite of my imperfection, I felt I am a good person when I am with her. As the priest sermon said Mama Mary is a strong woman for she shouldered the suffering and endured all the pains. As for me, so many times I felt like giving up but with her inspirations I have the strong will to continue the journey independently.

Mama Mary in spite of her strength she remained humble, kind and gentle. I know she’s not tired of me saying forgiveness and running to her when my heart is in deep trouble. She raised me up when I am down and through others she tells me that she is always there listening to every word that I say.

I am thankful to her in many ways. I prayed for all the ones I truly loved and the most special among all of them. The human ears maybe deaf to reasons and blinded to see true goodness, the Blessed Virgin Mother always hear and see…. Always listening… Always understanding…


Mama Mary taught me obedience and patience… I love her very much…




Xoxo I luv u the best… Nyt… Nyt…


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