Different Ways to Say ‘I am sorry and I mean it’

How to ask forgiveness??? I must think of ways to apologize…

1.  Let’s try messages via social media or mobile apps.  Wait, not working 😦

2.  Ring-a-ling!!! Simply give a call 😦

3. SMS and emails… 😦

4. Snail mail… Right I still keep the address!!! Or send some gifts with flowers (awkward and so stalker-like… Stupid me!!!)

5. Delivery meal surprise (I can check his working place… Hello, stalker again!!!)

6. I can make a video and post in YouTube… My editing skills are not bad…

7. E-cards, posters, web-page… Whatever!!! My silly thoughts!!!

8. Compose!!! My writing skills are not bad… Well, who will read?

9. I can draw… Why not make a portrait and put in a cute frame!!! Yet, I didn’t formally study how to draw humans… Not so confident with my drawing… I can do digital!!! Oh, that caused me troubles…

10. Gifts… What will I buy??? Accept it or not —it’s all yours…

11. I don’t know what else to do… I can’t think of other ways—so I pray… (For God can hear me and He is very forgiving and merciful)

All I know my mistakes don’t make me a bad person. My apologies are sincere and rooted from my heart. I gave and shared everything I had, and be there for someone whom mattered the most. I admitted my faults but these wouldn’t cover who I really am… I just prayed to be forgiven coz it is a torture to be hated by the only one whom you allowed to enter the core of your being…

I can do everything mentioned and even more… I don’t know what are the things that I needed to do… But, God knows, I am sorry and I mean it with all my heart. If given the chance, I will take the responsibilities to make everything right and to take out all the misconceptions.


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