Be My Friend Once More

Blame it to the Korean food that I unintentionally ordered for dinner few hours ago for it reminded me… the long wait… the meat… the conversation… The memories flooding into my head. Everything so fresh in my brain and I couldn’t help thinking of you.

I don’t know if you remembered, but it was really nice knowing you…. You really talk a lot… blah…blah.. blah… Every detail, every word and every little thing, I can still recall. This is insane, even if you’re so happy now and your life is complete, hopefully you can still consider me as a friend. You’re so fortunate to have everything that you wanted! What a perfect life you’re living! Overflowing with success and absolutely joyous together with someone you love dearly…

On the other hand, I’m struggling with my studies. For chrissake, my works are so grade school but I’m working hard to improve my skills for you encouraged me to do so (remember last time?). Besides, I don’t want to disappoint myself too. Well, this is how my life works, no one to rely on and I must strive all by myself to achieve my dreams. You don’t have to worry about me because I’m always joyful for I’m a shallow person who can quickly find merriment even in the tiniest pleasure life can offer. Aside from that, stress and pressure are no sweat for me…

Trust me, I enjoy and love my everyday existence even if you’re so faraway now unlike before. Moreover, there are times that I can’t help myself wondering about you since there so many instances when your image involuntary appears in front of my eyes. I know you don’t need me at all, but be the one I used to know and be my friend once more. Is it too much to ask?

by Celine Dion & Barbara Streisand “Tell Him

Be my friend even for just one more time

Just little while, a short time or for a few seconds

The nonsense hello and chitchat just like before

Don’t change, so fast for I’m starting to know you—

Once more, can you be a great friend again?

Someone who I admired and the king of my world

The one whom I willingly give all my possessions

If only I can hold you and free to hug you tightly

Perhaps, I will only dream all the sweet kisses….

Nothing matters my friend for you’re my everything

You’re the master of your life and you’re in control

Don’t let others take charge and influence you—

Isn’t it the right time to grow up and make a stand?

Do what you want and be my friend once more!

Yeah, no FB for me…almost four weeks since I last visited my page…

Published on: Aug 6, 2012 @ 1:17


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