Mama and Papa

papa happy birthday


Thank you for taming the beast in me and always believing in my best. Thank you for raising me as a unassuming person with great faith and trust in God. I owed it from you for making me into someone who is caring, independent, loving, forgiving, generous, thoughtful and responsible. I will never forget your stories and the times you always listened to me. Of course, I will be forever miss my avid fan, the only person in this world who loved to see me at the center stage. Forgive me, if I failed to fulfill my promise that I will never ever cry. You know Papa, in this world you needed to weep to let out your fears and sadness; and become stronger… then, the strongest. I love you, Papa. Today is your special day that we celebrated every year when we were together. Perhaps, the wine I gave you for your 50th birthday was the last one you ever tasted. It’s alright because in heaven, the supply of sweet wine is never-ending. Happy birthday, Papa! I may bit older now still the sweet and queer Papa’s darling will never be erased within me. I am always your girl, Papa and I love you so dearly. Every time I miss you, I closed my eyes and feel your embrace all over again. Don’t worry, Papa because I will be alright.  No one can bring down the resilient girl whom you raised lovingly and tenderly.  If I’ve reached this far as you foretold… I can do more and make the most of my existence and I will be always be there for the ones I loved the most… specially to someone very very special…
super papa




to mama with loveThank you for taking good care of me. Thank you for the nice clothes you made and delicious dishes you prepared. I truly miss your cooking and now that I’m in trouble I wish you’re here to make me more clothes that will conform with the standards. I am sorry if I only give a little for today’s celebration instead of thinking of yourself, you thought unselfishly of buying flowers for Papa and prepare something to celebrate his day. We had so many misunderstandings in the past, and I am one rebellious teen in my youth but I turned out to be a good daughter who will never ever leave your side. Thank your for your prayers and loving me for who I am. I pray that you are well because it worried me what my sister said that you were sick due to the hot weather. May the angels keep you safe and always restore your health. Although I am afar, I am still here loving you always. Happy Mother’s Day, Mama! I love you very much!!! A double celebration for us…

happy mother's day



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