That Lady Again (Have Faith)

From the gate of the church, I saw my bus coming. I was catching my breath, running towards the bus stop. The kind driver waited for me. As I was grasping for air, I heard someone asking “So, are your prayers answered?” At that instant, I looked at her and recognized she was the lady who told me about the lights surrounding me.

I shyly smiled and told her, “that will take some time”.

“Have faith, your prayers are answered,” she assured me, which delighted my heart.

She offered me a sit in the bus and I had a brief conversation with her. She mentioned to me that her place was far from the church still she served there as a member of the choir since in that church where she was baptized. She shared to me her divine encounter with God and how the Holy Spirit speaks to her that oftentimes rescued her from harm. She is filled with God’s love and grace. Subsequently, she described and narrated to me what she saw while I was at grotto kneeling below the Blessed Mother.

“I was on my way inside carrying the mee siam I bought for everyone who joined the block rosary. Then, as I entered the flickering lights at the grotto caught my eyes. I was wondering if there was something new at the grotto. At first, I thought the lights coming from your bag. It cannot be for it formed like this (she made a gesture that the lights forming an arc around me)and the light was with different beautiful sparkling colors like white, blue…” She described to me what she witnessed convincing me that it was real. Our conversation ended because I would alight and she asked for my name. God, I met a new friend who had so much love for You. Thank You very much that our paths crossed again. Oh, I forgot to ask her name…

That lady again and we met unexpectedly for God sent her to tell me that when I prayed He listed and would grant my heart’s desire. God knows what’s in my heart. My sorrows and troubles are no secrets to Him. He’s totally aware that I am not a bad or a wrong person, and I am good-hearted and trustworthy.

No matter how people misjudged me, it will not ruin my faith. God lives in my heart and He always show me mercy. I will not give up and stop… I only have faith in Him. He’s the King of Kings, the greatest of them all! Thank you dearest Blessed Virgin for hearing my plea and I know you will not abandon me.


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