Not allowed to draw anymore…

A young boy found my sketchbook and asked,
‘Will you finish this drawing?’

I smiled sweetly at him and replied,
‘Nope, I am not allowed to draw anymore’

‘I see, you gave up your dreams in art.
I thought you’re determined,’he said.

‘O, sweet child! Of course I won’t!
Only there are subjects ought to be forgotten’
‘I thought, your art gives you joy.
Do what makes you really happy.’

‘O, sweet child I am dying to do so
Yet, it’s not right!’ I cried and cried.

‘Please, do this little favor for me
Make him alive again,’ he begged

‘Does it matter? Why do you care?
Mind your own business!!’ I walked away.

He embraced me and whispered.
I am so surprised with what he said.

‘Everything is possible with God.
Have faith and believe I exist!’

I grabbed my pen with merriment within
It’s true, my heart in celebration!!!

I looked for that little boy in my dreams.
I wanted to tell him, ‘I’m almost done!’
God did me a favor and I’ll trust Him.
Lord, I love him more and gave it all!!!


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