There is no medicine for lovesickness

i miss you baby
Once a hearty and cheerful woman suddenly collapsed underneath the sunlight. What happened? What was wrong when in a sudden her health failed her? Is this feeling worst than my previous struggles? The deception and hibernation didn’t make me helpless or ill. Suddenly, I feel like dying inside that anytime I can’t just gasp the air and then quickly perish… Will you remember my name? I fought and didn’t give up to find my place here… However, where are you? Why won’t you celebrate with my victory? Your coldness numbed my heart and my guilt is eating my vibrant spirit. It is my choice to be in this position, no one cajoled me to remain in the dim light.

Baby, I am literally sick. Is it because of the weather that caused my immune system to fail me? Is it I am overworked or stress with the new job? Is it because of my conscience and heartache colliding inside? The unheard whispers of forgiveness and never ending regrets… My baby, I am here trying my best to be well. I won’t miss my job even if I am sneezing and coughing a bit. I will find a remedy… Yet, can you cure the sickness of the heart?
Baby, I am meek and weak
Surviving my guilt and heartbreak
The thorns will you take?
Baby, sorry… Here me speak!!
Foolish I was for my mistake!!!
Baby, bite a slice of my cake….

by Paramore “Stop this Song (Lovesick Melody)”


After taking my medicine, I am off to bed… Finding in my dreams forgiveness to rest my broken heart and soul… Good night and luv u the best!!!! Mwaaaahhhhh… XoXo


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