Know Me Again

We were not colleagues. No one introduced us to each other. I was part of your journey and you were in mine. None of us intended to complicate the situation; however, things happened accordingly beyond what we perceived. It was not in our rationale to cause
burden to each other for both of us are wonderful creations of God. Perhaps, in the most unexpected twists of our entangled stories we brought gifts to each other in so many relevant and special ways. Of course, we didn’t want what happened to happen only we were bound to our human weaknesses imprisoned in the inferno of our flesh. Gladly, I made the most of my time when I had the chance because my life turned upside down.

We both presumed before our acquaintance that we could already claim our happy endings. Nonetheless, the new chapters of our stories just began that evening when you had no choice but to approach me and your patience trapped me at the corner of the sidewalk. So, from a simple hello, a beautiful friendship flourished. In my way of expressing myself, I wrote a lot and created some more…

It felt like century since then and suddenly I disappeared. Of course, there was no big deal if I were forgotten. I could do silly stuff to cheer me up that would remind me of you all the time. The moment I thought that I erased the details, I am only brought to the place very significant to your youth and the photographs were surprisingly brought to me. As I looked at that timid boy’s eyes on the photo, I remembered the bittersweet stories of your teens. All of us had our struggles, how we reached this far was never an easy track. Thus, the unlikely coincidences brightened my gloomy world and received God’s message that it was my time to reconnect. Then, behind my closed door was the real story uncovered that bugged my conscience until this moment. It really affected me to the point that I am physically feeble. My guilt drained my energy. I should have known how my little amusements caused me dilemma. Repeatedly, I prayed for forgiveness and begged God for the chance to make it right.

All broken but my fight for survival didn’t end with the coldness of the air and the warmth of the sun. Your judgement maybe be clouded with incorrect and unfair opinions. Always know that the truth lies in your heart and those who speak ill over others only described their true colors and intentions. I am sick today but I will surely survive for a thousand years because my love for you made me stronger and optimistic again. This place where God brought me redeemed and gave me hope. The answer to my prayers. In the past, I maybe covered up my fear by being indifferent still you were aware the goodness of my soul. I always display the evil side of me and push people away. Yet, it has changed when you touched the very core of my being. The light of hope illuminates both of us, find it in your heart to know me all over again. Know me again because they are wrong about me…


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