The queen laughed for she was triumphant

All the pretending and helplessness won him

Your highness, the trophy is not permanently yours

You were a loser before and always be the LOSER

Do you think your new-found friends are true?

They think lowly of you from the beginning

Scrutinizing your roots, gossiping at your style

Do you think you are a saint dwelling in sins?

You can control and manipulate but not for long

Your reign is over and you’ll be kicked out…

Back to the embrace of the home where  you belong!!!

You can judge my work of art and brushes

Can you comprehend a passage and compose?

Can you stand in my place and do the same?

Call me worthless and let me drown with my tears

At the end, I am the strongest with the truest heart

I only love with all I AM, giving it all

My tears keep on flowing with deadly pain

I believe that there’s justice in this world

I have faith that everything will go away

The anger will subside, forgiveness will arise

Pride will diminish  replaced with a smile

Goodbye my queen, you are not meant to stay—

Dangers ahead, don’t look down for you’ll fall

Don’t look up because I am always above you

My queen, stop with your drama and lies…

Go away with the bubbles that suddenly perish

Laugh aloud with the echo of your crying…

God is with me for He knows my love’s unconditional

Rejected by the builders is the cornerstone

Soon the road is clear, he’ll find his way again

Ousted and you’re gone, it is no longer your rule!!!

The crown belongs to the truest disciple of God

Are you sure you’re not even a failure???

So who are you to stop the river from flowing???

Gone yesterday’s pain, vanishing with your shadow




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