Creativity Approved!!!

Is it foolish for someone like me who keeps on chasing an impossible dream?

No matter how hard I tried it seemed nothing mattered. I am not having cold feet and back off. After all, we are free to choose whatever dreams we desire. I always know in my heart that dream and reality are closer to one another. The border of my dream is within my reach just within the grasp of my hand. A journey to a thousand miles begins with a single step.

When he said the words, it was like hearing Papa’s words again. I went down to see my boss and someone of higher rank asked how proficient I am with editing for he needed my assistance. I am not confident to answer when asked about my skills. Yet, my boss assured him that I have exemplary skills with the editing software mentioned. Then, when I was alone with him, he said that he believed I am a creative person and if given the time I am better than my predecessor. I honestly told him that I am not so good with technicality. He smiled that I could always learn. Sounded like Papa who had so much faith in my intellectual gifts and unique skills.

Thank you, dear God for my skills and for surrounding me with people who believed in me. Despite there are people who are unhappy of my creativity, I am still grateful and joyful for who I am and to be useful to others. Yet, I am deeply sorry for all the troubles caused and I am begging for a chance to make things right.

As of the moment, I must surpass the illness of my heart and learn more for the baby steps I am making to hit my target. For even small steps can lead to all my major goals…

This time and as always my creativity is approved!!! Whether you agree or disagree, I am rejoicing for what I surpassed and accomplished.


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