You’re My ONE in a MINION

My one and only
Uniquely you
The ocean is wide
So many fishes
But none like you
Devour me now
Your sweet kisses
Oh, let it be mine!


My folks told me
Your breed are many
Yet, my darling
You’re no ordinary
My one of a kind
A lifetime of waiting
Challenging to love
Miles to search
My true beloved,
Touch me for real—
My one in a million

Like the minions
Numerous look-alikes
If you’re one of them,
Pick you in the crowd
The best and sole minion
With the magic and power
Making me laugh the loudest
A feast in my heart
My love, you are
My one in a minion
I am your slave
You’re my master
Clasp me with your arms
Kiss you in my dreams 😉xoxo
luv u good night.
gonna sleep early for gotta wake up early tomorrow 😉



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