G*en A*lways R*emembers Y*ou


Did I say something stupid or did I stammer when I speak? There goes one more mistake and another then another…. I didn’t mean to break a promise or disappoint you.  Nonetheless, life is not smooth sailing, the waves tried to challenge and test my determination.

Perhaps, I bored you with my problems and the issues of my life.  My apologies, if I really did… I hope you don’t turn away and forget the friend you found in me.  For the truth is really miss you, I really do and always will.

If only you know how hard I really try and what I have to undergo just to make it… Did you know it’s really difficult to hit my goals? I still try to keep on going while recharging my fighting spirit.

Take me, this is all I am and this all I got.  Take me, this is all I am not and this is all I will ever be…  I got flaws and errors, and have my faults…. what you see in me is what you get….

You know, one thing is certain, I will always remember you. Thanks for understanding and your consideration for what I am not. It’s true, I am imperfect but I have no bad intentions and I am always a good person as you see as me.  I am always waiting for the perfect time that you can spare me and it doesn’t matter who you are….  You are always my shining star while I am here waiting as my scars slowly healing.
good night message for him

Just a line…2 keep in touch…
coz u r on my mind so very much…
& even though, I’ve nothing 2 say…
I’ll know…I thought of u 2day…Good night!

xoxo *luv u more* xoxo
imagemy sister bought me a new dress, she told me not to wear it on my birthday but I’ll definitely wear tomorrow;)

gen the piratemessage from:

*gen ‘d pirate*

Published on: Feb 1, 2014 @ 19:17


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