Can I Talk to You???

can we talk

10 minutes…. 20 minutes…. it’s over an hour…. What’s my problem?  Why the heck not pick the phone and dial or send a message?  Why it’s so difficult to start?  I just keep on composing and deleting…. I have rehearsed at the mirror over and over and over again.  I guess, my reflection is so tired of me for being a coward.

Hey, writing here is easier than finding the right words to say.  I might stammer and pester him at the other end of the line.   Or he might hang up on me and tell me to shut up.  How will I start the conversation??? Awkward… awkward…  It has been so long.  I miss him so much.  I hope he can hear my heartbeat now.

If I am talking to him now, I will start by saying… ‘Can you spare a bit of your time?  Do you mind talking to me?’ … or maybe, I’ll ask ‘can we talk?’  or ‘can I talk to you?’ sounds better.  Why the heck it’s so difficult to do?  This is even harder than my Physics 3 examination….

Gee, help me out… I have suffered for so long….  Honestly, all I wanna say is I miss him so much and even how many centuries have passed, I am still loving him… that’s what you call forever. Amen.

I wish to hear his voice again.  Will you tell him, if it’s okay I’ll call?  Will you dare if you are me?  I don’t know,  he’s the greatest and wonderful person in the world.  Hot and handsome too 😉

talk to me

I miss you.  I really do.

Good night.


i luv u more



by Bruno Mars “Talking to the Moon”

I know you’re somewhere out there
Somewhere far away
I want you back

Read more: Bruno Mars – Talking To The Moon Lyrics 


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