Old Photographs of U

School Library with books


Gee, got to tell you something.  Two days ago, I was scavenging over collection of photo albums and hundreds of old photos.  Of course, it was not part of my job description to look for your old photographs.  I searched and searched….  In my mind, I had a private conversation with God stating “hey, ultimate big Boss, true love doesn’t know how and when to give up”.  I didn’t stop even if I was not digesting anything for lunch…

Will I display the old photos here?  Of course not!!!  I want no war, misinterpreted and misjudged again.  Peace be with you my beloved, my bro!!! Perhaps, I can show them to you…


old times

Remember that young teen in that white uniform?
A bashful radiant smile roaming the past
Your old buddies who walked side by side with you
Yesterday’s classroom where you silently sat with them
You had a black pouch and your watch on your wrist
Throwback days when you wondered of today
Old photographs of you, I behold in amazement
Peeking at your past, my heart was overjoyed!!!
God, the man I truly love used to be this boy!!!


image via: http://upload.wikimedia.org


“The Capable Falcon Hides Its Talons”


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