Something Green, My New G’s


The tale of the Green Giraffe… Well, the truth was I am left with no choice because my boss was bugging me about my line. Thanks to my friend for helping me get this new one.  Yesterday, my boss really followed up and asked for my new number because he needed to send it to my colleagues. Well, at least my Green Giraffe rubber casing is cute!!!image
How about my chibi Luffy and Chopper… So depressing to depart with them 😦

New G for my new Gadget… My Green Giraffe casing!!!
Plus, I got a cute Green Kerokerokeroppi Hello Kitty, Bubbly World from Mac Donald’s… Hey, felt like so ancient as these were like my high school days fave stuff…

Getting green that’s something new…
Gee, God knows that I love you the best!!! Xoxo…

love me_green

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