Lord, today was not a good day for how I treated others. I know I need to apologize. I know that I did that person wrong. I have no excuse for my bad behavior. I have no good reason for harming anyone. I pray that you place forgiveness on this person’s heart. Mostly, though, I pray that you give peace (and for me as well) for when I do apologize. I pray that I can make the situation right for that particular creation and that I don’t give the impression that this is normal behavior for people who love you, Lord. I know you ask that our behavior be a light unto others, and my behavior certainly was not. Lord, I ask that you give us both the strength to get through this situation and come out the other side better and more in love with you than before.

Take away the anger and hatred in this person’s heart. You know that I am not a bad person, Lord. I fight and did to survive. I only aim for success and love truthfully forevermore.

Let that person forgive me God. So that I can sleep tightly at night and have peace of mind. I only care and love with all my heart, and pray the best for my most beloved. I have no evil desires for abide Your laws, dear God.

Help me that I will be forgiven and have the chance to make things right. I will shoulder the responsibilities of my incorrect deeds. Help me ask apologies and forgiveness so that I worry how I unintentionally hurt others. I love You Lord. I love him too with every part of me…

In your name, Amen.


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