Heavy Load in My Chest

she lets here imagnation runaway with her
The hole in my heart
Forgiveness not granted
My wild imaginations
Solitude in my creativity
The troubles I didn’t know
Fury of fires behind
How can I put the flame down?
Will I be given the chance?
Can a butterfly travel
When its wings broken?
Rainbows in a friendship
Sunshine, brighten my day!
Every morning I arise
Heavy load in my chest
Help me, pull it out!

How can anyone despise me?
Am I horrible creature?
I only fight to survive!
Did my best and trust God
My friend, do not forget
I am always here for you
My kindness is pure
My generosity is real
I admit my foolish errors
Let me mend the pieces
Allow me over the hedge
Towering walls of pride
Heavy load in my chest
Everyday makes me cry
A quicksand devouring
My shallow happiness

Sorry and forgive me

My triumph is incomplete

 My success is meaningless

Somewhere out there

Someone is so furious at me

Lighten the load and let it be!

Hello, I know that you’re still there and somewhere inside you still exist.  Don’t let the…

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