History Repeats Itself

And it is happening again…

Almost a decade ago, they said not this and not that… but they got the hang of it and got used to how I am.  They just loved me for being me…

When I left the place, the next one made it a big deal to the point I was out of the system…

Then, I found comfort in a new home.  They appreciated how I carried myself including the whole package— My skills mattered, right?  You know, I aimed higher and so I took the risks… left the ones who truly appreciated and cared for me…

Here I am, the same story all over again… What are you wearing??? I don’t have new clothes… these were same clothes I wore last time.. and even less accessories for me…  Different environment, different culture… No style… I will be dressing like some plain and grumpy old maid—

teacher fashion

Source:  Teacher Fashion: http://franish.blogspot.sg

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