Again, I am truly sorry…

I repeatedly said that I am sorry for my ignorance and depressing thoughts, which were the caused that I diverted into those artworks for I wrongly presumed no one was looking.

I don’t know what are the words to say for you to believe me. I don’t want the day will come when we’ll meet again and somewhere in your heart, you’re full of rage with me. As a Christian, it won’t rest my soul in peace knowing that someone is mad at me with faults I am totally unaware of…

I left… But, like the boomerang I returned… I will always return… With kindness in my heart… Hope you’ll remember the goodness in me, not the faults I unintentionally did. How can I make things right if you slammed the door? How can I make it up to you when you refused to listen and only believe the sound of your voice…






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