Kick Her Out!!!

Kids are kids, they say what they wanna say… And they don’t care what you think!!!! Children nowadays are really outspoken… They speak their minds in their innocent and wacky ways 😉
An unusual child poet’s piece about his sister. Oops, I won’t do this to any of my siblings. Duh, kick someone else!!!!


Indeed, I learn some new insight from this kid something about love. Indeed, love is accepting other’s imperfection with a glow of smile in our hearts.
Now, I have new idea for my next post. Lol… But, I wanna share ice cream with a guy…  God, can I lick or eat his cone rather than stabbing him with it?  Hmmm… Just wondering…

Hmmm… which is which??? What do I really like the best??? Words do matter…
Feminist revolution!!! I am a woman and I am a great gift to the universe. Now, I know…
I love this child for reminding this matured woman that in spite of the pain, I will do what this kid had written as shown above. “Love myself and never ever ever GIVE UP! BE BRAVE all the time!!!!”

“21 Kids Who Got The Answer Wrong, But Deserve An A For Effort” by Mandy Velez,
The Huffington Post, Posted: 04/25/2014 1:58 pm EDT Updated: 04/26/2014 9:59 pm EDT

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