To the Most Difficult Man in the World who I Only Love

I wanted to ask you so many questions

I wanted to tell you my silly stories

And I wanted to hear your nonsense too

I wanted to hold your hand and touch your flesh

I wanted to kiss passionately your tender lips

I wanted to take a long walk with you at my side

I wanted you to stay with me for a long time

I wanted to message you via phone and online

I wanted to call you everyday and every night

But you’re such a difficult man, I never get you at all


I wanted to fit in your schedule and be there for you

I also wanted to know the people surrounding you

Why I ever give myself a chance to know you deeply?

Now, I can’t help on falling for you each day

Don’t tell me to get lost just give me the chance

Although, I hate to admit and lower my pride

You are the man I love and the rest are fantasies

I don’t care about your past— the first or second…

I just want you to share yourself and be part of me

I tried meeting others but I don’t feel anything for them

My heart wants you and I hope you will give it a try

It is a wonderful opportunity to belong to someone

It is a great joy to know someone is there for you

I will help you heal your pain just open your doors

Thus, to the most difficult man in the world

I am once like  you but your charm melted my core

Now, it is your turn, it’s alright for I will never leave you

I’m so blessed you found me for you make me happy

Don’t worry difficult man, you’re my only love

Please don’t keep on ignoring me for I miss you so much

 Published on: Apr 2, 2012 @ 13:32


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