Sorry, I Didn’t Mean to…

Sorry, I didn’t mean to…

…be weak and helpless
…be scared and depressed
…weep and be tensed


Difficult times and cry for justice!
Strolling alone, out in the storm
The sun will come out tomorrow
There’s a rainbow after the rain

Sorry, I don’t mean to make you wait…
Let me fix my life and be brave again
Don’t see me now, I’m messed up!
I want to deal this all by myself…

How am I? Not fine… Just for now–
That something funny you defined
Tickles my spine and poisons my mind
No one will get it, except you…

Sorry, I didn’t mean to miss you

I tried not to, but I can’t help it…
God knows,

I love you more


Who cares? No one is reading this not even you—

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