To whom this may concern;

    It was not my intention to cause any trouble or to annoy anyone.  I only express my feelings and thoughts through my art and I have no purpose of harming anyone.  I dwell peacefully in my silence and distant to all my friends.  Forgive me if you disapproved my form of amusement to divert myself with the harsh reality of life.

    I don’t want to bother anyone.  I try to cope all by myself.  Only in here, I found the liberty to express my feelings and pretend that I can be heard by someone whom I wanted to reach.  If you’re angry, it’s alright.  This is not some obsession to me but true words from my heart.

     I only intend to bring joy to the ones I care and love.  I decided this sacrifice to focus on my goals and make it through without anyone feeling sorry for me.

   I am not depressed or mentally ill.  My ways of adapting and fighting this tragic situation are not common to others.  I hope somehow that you’ll find it in your heart that I am same girl you used to know. 

    Love for me is special and God’s gift.  I don’t love easily but when I loved I’ll do and give everything for that special someone.  But, there are circumstances not under my control.  Well, God has reasons to interrupt the situation. 

   In this cyberspace, I only wanted to relay the message that I continuously care.  No need to be indifferent.  The situation may not under my jurisdiction, it doesn’t mean I am quitting and all my hopes run out dry.  In this situation, I learned to accept God’s will.

   As of now, there others who may enjoy their good fortune and whom possibly also consider my creations as pieces of junks and some what-a-shame stuff… God bless you!  You are entitled to your own judgement.

    I dream of the day when love doesn’t discriminate or deceived.  A day when love has eyes that see the purest heart rather than numbers, skin tones and failures.  The one who has the edge is not always the winner of the race.  I believe that love is a gift from God.  You can cast me the stone but only God can judge me with my peculiar ways of loving.

      Like so many women around the world, I have ability to love and make the person I truly love contented, happy and proud.  I have errors and flaws but I am not evil.  I avoided love and preserved myself because of my priorities in the past. I don’t blame you for not believing. After all, I am telling the truth and God is my sole witness.

    I only present and write in artistic ways, the unspoken language of my heart.  I am sorry for the disturbance caused.  I don’t ask to be appreciated for all my pieces.  I hope you find forgiveness in your heart and see that I have no bad intention nor I mean harm. Again, my apologies.

Peace be with you. May you welcome God’s love in your heart. May the Almighty Father bless you always.


Xoxo Sweet Morning xoxO
Luv u more 😉



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