I’m Definitely NOT GIVING UP!!!


In spite of the dilemmas and the tasks I needed to rush, I’m still loving my life and continuously living joyfully.  I can say that I’m only a bit lonely because the friend I found in you is probably drifting apart.  Yet, when I remembered the moments you unselfishly shared with me, the sadness becomes less.  I am forever grateful that you walked into my life for you brought out the artistic side of me that I ignored for a long time and carved the smile in my heart even for  a little while.

Moreover, I’m able to scribble different sort of things and explore various emotions in my writings.  (Please take note that it’s not all about you but it’s something I invented in my head).   In such way, I am in touch with reality, not with my distorted beliefs in life.  There were many things that I visualized clearly when you became my friend.  

 Do you still remember when you told me not to give up?  You taught me to take the risks for there’s nothing to lose.  My friend, thank you so much for making me courageous.  I hope you stumbled into this post so that you’ll know that “I’M DEFINITELY NOT GIVING UP!!!”  Of course, I’m not giving up, generally for everything in life since  it has so much to offer.  Who knows? We don’t know what are the surprises in the future anyways… As of now and always, I really pray and wish you all the success.  Always dream high and reach for the highest star!

I hope you remember  me even once in a while because I will never ever forget you! X.O.X.O.

song by: Jason Mraz , “I Won’t Give Up”

As the song says… I won’t give up and you know it in your heart 😉  The lyrics of the song say it all 😉

If there’s one thing that I wanted to apologize, maybe that’s it for I was unable to stop myself from falling…  But, you should not feel sorry for me because the feeling drove me to heaven and it made me truly joyful.   Indeed, it’s the most wonderful choice that I picked in my entire existence.  It’s not your fault, you were just being an exceptional and nice friend.


Published on: Jul 30, 2012 @ 22:49

15 thoughts on “I’m Definitely NOT GIVING UP!!!

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