Forgive Me, Please….


To my dearest friend,
My pillow has stained and wet with tears
Untouched meals, rotting food
No more singing in the darkness
The loads and burdens inside
My spirit fainted with victory
The hours gone, I’m not alright
My powerless whispers of forgiveness



Will you ever smile at me again?
The sunshine and rainbow in my life
Will you ever utter my name again?
The angel’s voice, my baby, my love
Will you just forget and never forgive?
Were my crimes greater than my deeds?
Were my faults higher than the Everest?
Unable to climb, you’re beyond my reach…

My error was the presumption, no one’s looking
All grief and sorrows eaten up my sanity
Mindless expressions dominated by inspiration
Forgive me, please for I was just a woman
Trapped in my complicated and gloomy cell
Not bothering you for you’re perfectly happy
Striving alone, communicating with you in my head
My life isn’t like yours but I joyfully tried
I believe in the Divine and always have faith
Don’t treat me like a trash, someone worthless
I can love the greatest and I love you more


I am wrong and I did tremendous mistakes
Let me repair what was broken to help you out
Let this be the step of the healing process
I am not the best but I am always truly yours
Not abandoning you even you refused my aid
Can you forgive me for I am not in peace?
The memories won’t slip quickly in your mind
What’s the essence of success if you’re not here?
My sincerest apology, bestow me forgiveness
Avowing to heavens, I’ll do everything for you
Let me make it up to you in whatever ways you want
Say the words, your wish is my command!!!


Have courage to let me in
I chose to stay, I won’t go
I love you at the beginning
All the way at the end…
Luv u always and more…


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