Those Yearbooks of Yours


Odd coincidences brought to me

God I have forgotten but You must be a joker

At first, it was a stop after the place

Constantly reminding me that evening

Or I’m passing by while he was sleeping

Then, some lookalike  struck my core

That was my downfall, Judas’ silver coins

Thanks for the redemption and new hope

But of all places, somewhere I am here

Walking in the present of someone’s past

A century graveyard of one’s youth

Did I disturb the spirits with my wailing?

I am not looking at anything at all 

The yearbooks of another’s memories

My courage to reconnect and discover

Bitter  answers and cold painful words

I stared at him not looking back at me

He used to be that boy, my loving friend

What will I say to convince your heart?

What do you want me to do to believe me?

I owe you a lot, let me make it up to you,

How will I apologize for you to believe

I am deeply sorry?  I AM SORRY ALL OVER AGAIN

Holding the yearbooks with teary eyes

Why you didn’t say a word or  warned me?

Why you quickly concluded I couldn’t be trusted?

I don’t intend do break any promises

My creative diversions gave you life within

You should have known my sorrows

How I valiantly went on  with wounded wings!

The yearbooks, the ghosts of your past

Haunting me with too much unhappiness

Don’t judge me as an evil creation…


I don’t know the boys at the yearbooks’ pages

Yet, this place witnessed phases of his youth


I am so sorry!!! I am very very SORRY

Not walking out again, be my friend once more…

See, I told u so and it was no lie nor bluff!!!



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