You Were Right…

gary spongebob

I was wrong and I messed up.  However, I am not giving up nor quitting.  So, help me God! Perhaps, I am blind but I would do everything to change your mind.  I’m one strange and queer girl, you know.  I’m too cool if I’ll forget because we both know that I’ll never ever erase you in my head.  I always have backup files—  Forgive me for what I have not done 😦

gary animated

You’re my king and you rock my world.  You’re very very beautiful.  It’s so sad without you or feeling you— I cry each day even while doing this—- 😦   Even if you were cold and rough, you mean more to me—


“And now my heart is beating like the saddest metronome
Somewhere I hope you’re reading my latest three-word poem”

alone spongebob

The weather is freezing and I want to have a cup of coffee but it will taste great if I’ll share it with you again.  I awfully miss you…. really, really, really bad…. and wanna tell, you were right!!!

cyring spongebob

Spongebob Squarepants’ Song

gary come home

The day will come. You will.

gary and spongebob

graveyard duty over… i’m off to bed with you—- in my dreamland 😉


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