Up and Away


No, not now! Why? All queries left unanswered kept in my suitcase of despair.  Where the air will lead me? Where’s the way towards home?
UP in the sky beholding the clouds in the darkness with teary eyes.  Why this time?


Where am I going next? Will we meet again? Will I hear you calling my name with your gentle sweet voice? Return to the clouds where you belong. Up above the heaven where we rested not caring about anyone else.


AWAY and afar… Heading to my destination not AWAY from you.  The street lights and the busy road are part of our daily existence.  Away from the past that will forever linger in our hearts and spirits.


Up above our heads, the sun greets us everyday.  Full of hopes and endless possibilities.  Gone away all my tears, welcome back into my life again.  I can hear and still feel you though you’re away.  I can see you up at the cloudless nights shining with the stars… My true inspiration… There will be a guiding light in our paths.  Hello, once more….


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