Talk to Me…

A tiny place seems to be a big world
An exhausting day with too many excitements
Walk here and there… I am alive!!!
It’s no manic Monday, there are no blues
Lots of stories to tell. Please, talk to me


I will narrate to you my struggles
My heart is jumping but it’s different
When you hear me and you smile back
Talk to me, I have so many stories to tell
Talk to me, I want to hear your voice
Talk to me, you have my attention
My ears are all yours, I’ll always listen
Talk to me, I don’t mind the long hours
I miss you… I miss everything about you


Do you still wanna talk to me?  I’m scared that you don’t want… In my dreams, I always see you agitated at some girl but you always smile at me.  They said dreams are opposite in reality… What if I am the girl you’re angry at, and you don’t want to smile at me…
Me again… Thinking too much and jumping into conclusions… Maybe, it’s because I always wish for your happiness. If I’ll make you angry, I’d rather be stuck at the corner. 
But I needed to ask a lot of important stuff and to clarify… Hey, will it make you mad if I will ask!!!


Be careful and the angels will protect you from accidents.  Take care 😉


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