suITCASE & LUGgage


Leaving soon and going home….

You tried. You did your best. You gave all you got. Nothing was enough. After each war was another and another… There were people who acted as if they cared. Not minding their businesses, only making situations worst. You oftentimes convinced yourself  that you were happy with fading smile.  You lied at your reflection stating that you were alright.  You told yourself  everything would be fixed even if there were tears in your eyes while picking the broken pieces that caused you to bleed.

You always told yourself, ‘this is it!’. You fought and tried only to lose yourself in the process… You forgot the things that could make you happy and what you really wanted. You tried but you couldn’t please the world.   You gave out your best only to keep on failing until you couldn’t rise from being such a big loser.  You gave all your might to build a kingdom only to rot inside and be caught in the fire of your fury.  You made a choice and if only you listened.

In the suitcase were the memories and the promises, and all the hopes. You convinced yourself several times that no one could take your possession, ‘in your mind you said to your nemesis, over my dead body, b* ‘.  You believed in what you had.  Yet, you were bound to your limitations.  Your pillar was attacked with termites that slowly fell apart right in front of your eyes.  You got fed up and packed all the good things in the suitcase of goodbye and throwing away all the baggage of the past to move forward in finding your true self.

The luggage were all set and you finally made up your mind.  Everything you put up and all the hopes would fly with you.  You slammed the door and knew in your heart that you made the right choice.  This time, there was no turning back.  Perhaps, you were so young then and  idealistic.  You only dreamed of happy ending like every Disney princesses about your age.  Nonetheless, you grew up not in a castle but discovered that your choices had sacrifices and consequences.  And so, you decided to carry all the suitcase and luggage… You stood firm, not some weakling that anyone could bully.   No one would ever looked down at you… not ever!   You could do it for you are ready to leave….

The memories were captured on the photographs that would mean nothing at all in the future for there’s a better place tomorrow where you truly belong.  After all the good times, you could no longer look at each other’s  eyes to say hello… You turned your back, and to each other you would utter in silence…


I’ll look up at the sun and let its radiance touch my cheeks.  I’ll welcome a new beginning and God is with me to stay for this is where I belong.

“Now I’m reaching for that star,
Coz I know that it’s not far
I put all the strength that I got
And soar my way to the top
For now all my dreams come true

And that’s all because of you
Now I’m coming home,
Coming home to you
And I’ll be coming home,
Coming home to you
To You”

“Coming Home lyrics” by Janice Javier


by Janice Javier, The Voice Philippines 2013 (Top 4 Finalist) “Coming Home”



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