Hello, Monster! Goodbye!!!

You got what you wanted, so go!
How do you endure being with me?
When you don’t want to be near?
Are the treasures you gained enough?
You don’t need me, no more lies!

Hello, monster quit acting cute
You might be huggable and cuddly
Still your heart is made of hard rock
You’re not human, you can’t feel
Your poison paralyzed me forever!

My prince will come to slay you
My knight will throw you at the cliff
Goodbye, monster! I’m a good friend
Never wearing a mask, always true
Just another fool gambling on love

Hello, monster! Why you dislike me?
I only want to see you shine with the sun
A good friend, you can always depend
Goodbye monster, maybe you hate me so
Don’t let me leave but why should I stay?

Good night!!!
It is to put your words into actions and express yourself into reality when the person involved already locked his heart. If you’ll try, expect insults and scoldings. Everything is about … If it is over, will I still have a friend? For sure if I go nasty and naughty with him, he’ll surely lecture me again and again….. If I will get higher pay will I be liked? How can I convince my friends when….


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