Open Your Door

Can I say something crazy???


Knocking into your heart
Hear me out, let me in
You know, I’m here for you
Please don’t tell me ‘go!’
You know, I will always stay
No matter how broken
Even if you don’t want me to

Take away your huge ego
I am knocking at your door
Stronger than even before
Still I needed you, my dear
Open your door, face me
Don’t despise me for loving you
See within your heart and soul
Welcome the joy that I’ll bring
Open your door, I’m back
Loving you now and forever

image I was wet on my way home carrying my gadgets and on heels.  Gladly, I am not sick and still have time to draw with pastel.  This is my version of Elsa from the movie ‘Frozen’.

XoXo miss you. Gud nyt. luv u more XOxo

by Kristen Bell “Love is an Open Door”

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