No Extra Eggs Allowed


It was almost 2pm when I went down to grab some lunch.  My favorite stall already closed.  So, I chose the Japanese cuisine.  The named sounded unfamiliar and ordered not realizing it was a noodle meal, not rice meal.  When I saw it was a noodle set, I proclaimed that I would buy extra eggs.  The kind lady refused with a shy smile stating that the extra egg was not allowed for the set I ordered.  So  I reordered again not caring at people waiting for me to get my extra egg.  Again, she said it was not allowed.  NO EXTRA EGGS!!!! I am an egg lover, you know… So, I ordered a large meal of rice but she gave me small one. 


Two weeks from now, the Health Promoting Board conducted a campaign for health conciousness during lunchtime.  It enforced that all meals served must contain all nutrients from all food group.  Thus, the lady in the stall was concerned with my welfare so she gave me small portion of rice but with NO EXTRA EGGS!!! I am eating unhealtily for the few months, the reason that eating healthy campaign shocked me.  I always eat a lot during lunchtime but I am watching on my weight though…



I set my noodle aside for dinner.  But, I had Yoghurt after my meal.  Well, make eating healthy as a habit is a good practice. It’s absolutely the right thing to do.   But, sometimes it feels like a torture for someone like me… I just want my extra eggs!!! Please… Can you share yours if you have? 😉 I JUST LOVE EGGS!!!


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