Your Old Fence


The young lad rushed
His heart was palpitating
The ringing of the school bell
Caused him to perspire
The tension was so high
Discipline master was fierce
He had no mercy for violators!

His peers motivated him
He was left with no choice
For the first time, he climbed
But it was not his lucky day
When rules were disobeyed
Punishment was the consequence
No caning for such offense?

The old fence knew your fear
Those young trembling feet
Shaking and sweaty hands
The days of youth passed by
Do you still remember before?
In four years, the old fence
Witnessed your boyish mishaps
A decade after, do you recall?
Come and drop by and see
The old fence, part of your story

Where the old fence be?
I know that place in your heart
Will you look back to find me?
Always waiting at the old fence
I am not complete without you
Do you really have options in love?
I just felt it in my heart and see you
Like your old fence, I stood firm
Against all odds, still waiting
Wise and resilient, always true
At your old fence, I’ll see you!!!

luv u more


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