Knife of Perfection: Transformed Beauty

There’s nothing wrong with this sweet and pretty girl… But, she wanted more—
korean girl

Thus, she underwent with the medical knife to obtain the perfection she deeply desired… Although it is painful and costly, the procedures made her happy to conform with society’s standards of beauty.  
korean girl_surgery
korean girl_surgery2
korean girl_surgery3
korean girl after surgery

As a result, she look unnaturally beautiful like a perfect but fragile doll.  Hey, she looks like one of those celebrities!!! Nowadays, cosmetic surgeons are fairy godmothers of perfection and their knives are the magic wands to transform and alter people’s physical attributes  to boost their confidence in their appearances.  Well, the advancement of technology can really do magic.  Perhaps, for you it’s crazy and scary… What do you know that there’s always beauty from pain!!!

(My friend shared to me this morning and found this topic interesting, and so I included in my post.  I don’t own the images included here)

korean girl_surgery4

And not only here but there’s more like her who paid a great amount and underwent the knife to attain perfection.

korean girl surgerySee more photos:



by Superchick “Beauty from Pain”


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