Singapore Tourism Board Deleted Video (Full Original)

Why? See for yourself…

        The Singapore Tourism Board acknowledged that a promotional video that has drawn flak online for low production quality and a cheesy storyline “could have been done better”.

         In a statement, Oliver Chong, STB executive director for communications and industry marketing, said the video was produced for the Philippines by Philippine network ABS-CBN “in an effort to customise content for this audience”.

Read more: by By Jeanette Tan | What’s buzzing?, “Singapore Tourism Board video taken down after it draws ridicule” posted on Mon, Apr 7, 2014


           STB released a statement on Tuesday, saying that the video was not resonating well with audiences.

             The three-minute clip shows a couple from the Philippines taking in various Singapore sights like Gardens by the Bay.

           At the end of the clip, the woman presents the man with a pregnancy test kit, and tells him that she is pregnant. The man then replies that Singapore always has a surprise waiting for him.
Read more: “STB takes down promo video after online criticism”, by By Kimberly Spykerman, posted on 08 Apr 2014 22:36


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